Low Back Pain Therapy

March 2, 2018

Low Back Pain Analyzed  

Most of the time low back pain is not caused by serious disease, but rather problems based on overall movements from poor body mechanics.  Many times a strained or sprained low back has a series of joints not moving correctly which increased the risk of the injury occurring.  A combination we tend to see is not only incorrectly moving joints, but also poor body mechanics when performing activity.  Example:  patient bends over to pick up child or dog – immediate low back pain resulting in trip to chiropractor.

Poor Body Mechanics?

We not only need to fix the joints that weren’t moving correctly, but now the resulting joints and muscles that are seized up from the injury.  Then when things are calmed down more we can assess how they are bending and modify this.  Very rarely is low back pain something as simple as “take an aspirin and rest.”  This is the largest difference between medical doctor management of low back pain and sports chiropractic management.

Even if further studies were performed for low back pain, such as MRI or xray, and something was diagnosed through the study, this still often doesn’t change treatment.  An example is a disc herniation; very scary sounding and very painful, but the question isn’t “what” but “why.”

Why did this disc herniation happen in the first place?

Usually it’s after a twisting or bending motion which causes it, but why did this basic motion cause a total failure in low back structure?  Usually it’s due to one of the discussed causes above.  Overall, poor body mechanics are the cause of a blow out and ultimately an MRI will be necessary.

How is our Clinic better than others?

We a lot more comprehensive care than more basic chiropractic care.  Special treatment strategies and rehabilitation formats often associated with physical therapy are a daily base for our work here.   The chiropractic college here tends to keep a lot of students after they graduate.  The market here is oversaturated with chiropractors.  Just like in any free market, the more competition tends to mean better results for the clients.


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