Neck Pain and How Sports Chiropractic Can Help

December 4, 2015

Neck Pain treated with Sports Chiropractic

What we do differently at Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Tigard, OR is that we combine several different practices of conservative pain management into one treatment for neck pain.  While treating with a Chiropractors adjustments exclusively does help with neck pain, we have found that combining a soft tissue element into the treatment goes a long way.  We have continued to grow our reputation in Tigard as treating patients with a more thorough care by not only performing necessary spinal and extremity chiropractic adjustments, but also by implementing in-office and home care soft tissue mobilization.  This can also be called myofascial release, or essentially massage.  In fact we do employ two massage therapists who work on many of our patients before seeing the chiropractor.

We have found that helping the neck and shoulder muscles release first and foremost helps with the Chiropractors treatment for the neck pain. Depending on how the patient responds, usually several treatments are needed for these changes to stick.  Some take as little as 1-2, while others it can be up to 4-5.  Once the neck pain has reduced the the body has become more accustomed to moving differently, then we teach the same type of treatment for home use as well.  This type of neck pain self treatment also takes several visits with the chiropractor, typically 3-4 depending on the findings.  At this point the neck pain is in the “self-management” phase, where the patient can perform at home the treatment to help keep the pain down and keep them out of the chiropractors office.

There may be a few minor flare-ups, as well as some ups and downs with this home care, but overall we have found that this has continued to help our patients achieve longer lasting results when dealing with their neck pain.

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