Sleepless in Tigard?

August 23, 2016

Sleepless nights?

Dr. Justin Davis, Chiropractor, and father to a 10 month old baby boy, knows all too well about being sleepless in Tigard.



Changes in life causing sleepless nights

“The first 2 months were an absolute blur”, Dr. Justin Davis says as he recalls his introduction to parenthood.  “I never realized just how important sleep was until we had our first little monster.  Suddenly 8 hours per night of sleep changed to 4-6 hours.”  Soon colds became more relevant in the household. Forgetfulness and potential accidental injuries are suddenly something to be aware of!  Stress can easily creep up on you with lack of sleep as well.

Daily Goals

Our goal is improved health, and with that this local chiropractor will assess your sleep habits to ensure your stress and chiropractic needs are not an associated reaction to sleeplessness.  When you improve your sleep, your ability to mindfully assess projects, interact with others, even avoid potential injury is automatically improved as well.  Weekly adjustments by your chiropractor, and even massage therapy, can help in improving sleepless nights.

Getting more sleep

If you aren’t getting enough sleep then you will run the risk of incurring an injury if you are engaged in sports or athletics.  As a Chiropractor, Dr. Justin Davis aims to help his community not only with pain, but overall health.  This also includes quality rest to keep injuries to a minimum.  Healing can even take longer when your body is not well rested.   Over 50% of adolescent athletes report getting less than 8 hours of sleep.  This statistic is shocking!  As it is, adolescents require more than 8 hours of sleep each day, and are placing themselves at a high risk of injury, exhaustion and reduction in grades and focus during moments of loss of quality sleep.

Reach Out

Dr. Justin Davis is most certainly not a “sleep” doctor, but as a Chiropractor, he does treat quite a lot of exhaustion related injuries.  If you are suffering from loss of mobility, focus, increased injury, stiffness, overall mental fatigue, and stress or feeling overwhelmed due to loss of sleep; it is very possible that your body is begging to be adjusted!  Give our office a call today for an initial visit and full physical assessment to see if chiropractic rehabilitation is recommended for you.


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