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Low Back Pain CAN be helped! 

We have already touched in an earlier blog about the treatment of neck pain with chiropractic, and the differences between standard (vanilla) chiropractic vs. sports medicine (rainbow flavored).  Let’s talk about low back pain.


Sports Medicine Approach

Sports med chiropractic for low back pain is similar to treatment of the upper spine and neck, but a few distinct areas that need to be addressed:

  • The Hips
  • The Mid Back

Both of these areas are so very important, and places that many medical practitioners overlook in treatment of low back pain.  Chiropractic (especially sports med) not only looks at these areas for joints that aren’t moving correctly….and thus treated with a chiropractic adjustment…but also from W H Y these areas are needing to be treated.

Here is an example:

Someone who sits all day and has low back pain:  is the problem the low back or is it the mid back?  We know the symptoms are in the low back, but the mid back is often the area that isn’t moving correctly because it gets used to being in a slouched position all day.  Once the mid back gets stuck in a slouched position the low back starts compensating and before long the low back pain begins.

What’s the difference from usual chiropractic?

This is just a classic scenario where sports med chiropractic assessment for low back pain really differs from both standard medical and standard chiropractic assessment and treatment.  More information about treatment and prevention will be discussed in the future, including chiropractic adjustments for low back pain, as well as in-clinic treatments and home self treatments.

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Hurt at Work?

Don’t let a small pain turn into a major problem!  Getting hurt at work happens, and we are here when it does.  

We have previously touched on workers compensation treatment and work injuries with the main focus of treatment being Chiropractic.  Because most common work injuries cause a sprain/strain, Chiropractors (specifically sports-med) are the ideal provider to provide quality comprehensive rehabilitation care.

What do I do?

If you have been injured through a work accident, you have the choice of what kind of care you would like.  Many times you have the choice of who you want to be the attending physician for your care.  It is common for the human resources department to refer an injured worker to a particular physician, one who knows how to close down a case early.

Note it is your body and your health care!  You have the right to choose who you want treating you!  If you’re in Oregon and have a work injury, you can get chiropractic care in two ways.

Steps to take:

  1. After the injury call our chiropractic center immediately and schedule your appointment.  If you go this method then you have 30 days of chiropractic care that’s covered for you to help heal your injuries.  After 30 days if you still need treatment, we will refer you to a primary care provider to take over as the attending physician.  Many times they will refer you back our office for continued care.
  2. If you have seen another doctor first, then they will be in charge of your care, but most of the time they won’t be the main treating doctor.  In fact, the majority of the time they will refer you out to another provider to perform most of the treatment.  In this regard you can request a referral for a chiropractor.  Ultimately it’s your health, make certain your physician recognizes that and provides you with the comprehensive rehabilitation care that you so desperately need and deserve.

Our doctors are here for your rehabilitative needs.  Our office specializes in comprehensive care and provides each patient with a full initial assessment. During assessment your doctor will devise a thorough and tailored treatment plan, and as you progress through treatment he will readjust your plan as needed to provide you with an ultimate care experience.

Our doctors are on multiple workers compensation panels.  If you’ve been injured, call us at 503-206-4620 and get in to see us first.  As you can see from the facts above, it often will provide superior results to your injuries and pain.


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Did you know Stress at the Computer is the #1 Cause of Shoulder Pain!

We often discuss seasonal stress and how the #1 cause of neck, shoulder and mid back pain is emotional stress!  Your mind is a very powerful machine, and like most machines, when it gets overloaded it heats up, shuts down and takes longer to process simple tasks.  When the mind is overworked or stressed, similar reactions can be expected.  Don’t let tax season stress get the best of you!

Tax Time

During this time of year when everyone is worried about what their taxes will look like, or stressing over what items they may or may not need to gather together for their yearly assessments, it is easy to become overwhelmed emotionally. Dr. Justin Davis says your mind is already dealing with the day to day events of working, paying the bills, and family obligations and when you add in additional stress, like Tax Season (especially if you’re a CPA), and you can expect to experience additional painful aches and tension in the neck, shoulder and mid back where complaints are typically lower or even non-existent.

When sudden life stress pops up, the body reacts in the same manner as if you were suddenly physically jarred, much like in an auto accident when the body’s muscle tighten up in an attempt to brace for impact.  It is a protective instinct for the body to react physically to your sudden emotion.  Unfortunately, however, that presents a new set of complaints.

Best way to avoid this?

According to Dr. Justin Davis, preemptive care is the #1 Best Way to avoid stiff, sore, and painful aches due to tax season stress from occurring in the first place.  The simplest way is to think of it as an annual treatment program.  Get yourself into a good physical state before the impact of sudden stress and tension strikes!  Regular weekly adjustments and electrical muscle stimulation can be the best proactive defense in battling against upcoming tax stress.

Stress Relievers

Your body can only be as good to you as you are to it, and a healthy body is one that is functioning at it’s best, not suffering from painful aches at the spur of stress.  Healthy bodies deal with pain and stress like mature, capable adults; while an unhealthy physical body with joints out of place and limited mobility will react like a spoiled child at the onset of any additional sudden stress.

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Stand up!  Stop Slouching!

Here Dr. Justin Davis discusses poor posture and how slumping forward contributes to low back pain.

Poor posture and low back pain

Prior discussions:

I previously had a chiropractic post about how posture can contribute to neck and shoulder pain, but I didn’t mention how much this can also affect the low back.  Most people don’t think that the neck can contribute to back pain, but you’ll get a very different answer if you ask a chiropractor. The problem comes with the relationship between the shoulders to the mid back and all the way down to the low back and pelvis.  When people spend too much time sitting we inevitably fall into poor posture, which we all know affects the shoulders and neck, but it also affects the low back significantly.

Poor Posture:

The slumped posture that our body becomes accustomed to will begin to pull from the shoulders and mid back into the low back region.  Kind of like a tight rubber band, the muscles in the low back get tensioned and this causes pain.  This is not only treatment treated by standard chiropractic treatment, but also necessary muscle work which can be done by either a massage therapist or soft tissue work done by a chiropractor.

So really, just because you’re experiencing low back pain it doesn’t mean we aren’t going to address the issues going further up the spine.  Ultimately not only the posture needs to change, but also the muscle imbalance that has occurred from said posture.  Chiropractic treatment and massage treatment for this low back pain will give some relief, but in the end some re-training of the core and shoulder muscles needs to be addressed as well.

Chronic Low Back Pain

This is an area that gets missed so much in modern medicine that a chiropractor will better address, and is also why we have such chronic low back pain going on in our society.  It’s because we aren’t looking at the body as a whole, and just treating the targeted areas where there is pain.  When you just target the area that hurts, you are ignoring what caused that area to hurt in the first place.

-Dr. J


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I know it’s a little late to be quoting Christmas songs, but it certainly is applicable to our current Tigard icy conditions!  With the snow and the freezing rain falling it slicks up the roads and the sidewalks, which means car accidents and slip and falls are occurring at an alarming rate for 2016. This also means most Chiropractors offices are getting an influx of patients complaining of neck pain. With both of these types of accidents, slip and fall and auto accident, whiplash is the type of injury.  This type of injury occurs when the neck is flung backward at a very fast rate and then goes forward at a similar type of speed.  This injury causes significant compression of the neck joints and muscles and ligaments surrounding the region. This in itself causes significant neck and shoulder pain directly, let alone if there was a trauma such as falling on concrete.  This type of injury cause is very similar to the low back as well, which has the same type of curve that the neck has.

We treat the Tigard population with these types of injuries literally every day at Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.  Because roads are so often slick with rain we have car accident injuries that occur all the time in Oregon.  It is so much worse however when us Oregon drivers attempt to slide around on ice and snow.  If you too have some car accident pain, whether it’s neck, shoulders, or low back and hips, let us help you get over the pain and stay pain-free going forward.  -Dr. J


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