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Chiropractic & Massage Therapy 

What’s the Dif?

Do I simply search “massage near me” to find the best therapist?

While doctors and massage therapists use their hands to treat patients, there is a radical difference among the two. Most chiropractors will enthusiastically endorse massage therapy for certain patients. Massage therapy is a very important modality used to aide healing.  It does not have the equivalent wide-ranging room of training that chiropractic does, however.

Chiropractors are principal healthcare specialists, helping to treat a number of situations. A key goal is to release subluxations in the spinal column. This is to make sure your frame and the nervous system are functioning at their best. Massage therapists, however, are knowledgeable in treating muscular conditions only.  A massage therapist’s mission is to help relieve muscle aching, stiffness and tautness through hands-on actions.

Education and Training

One of the biggest variances between massage therapy when you search “massage near me” and chiropractic care is the volume of education that these persons must complete.  A four-year undergraduate degree, as well as a four-year doctorate of chiropractic program, are both required for a Chiropractor to be licensed. During their programs, these individuals must obtain wide-ranging training, complete a residency program, pass several rounds of boards and certification exams and take classes in physics, biology, anatomy and physiology and chemistry.

Massage therapists however usually complete about 500 hours of training.  A therapist would be required to update his/her training annually through continuing education courses as well.  They must obtain licensure and, like other professionals, maintain a reasonably notable reputation between peers and local community.

 Which is right for you?

Elevation Chiropractic takes charge of healing from all angles, not just at the spinal region.  Our Chiropractors have the authority to determine if adding massage to your treatment plan is the right decision to progress your healing.  Massage can be used to improve range of motion, while your chiropractor challenges a muscle strengthening technique with each one-on-one visit.  Searching “massage near me” may lead you to random massage therapists who may not be educated on a daily basis through the direct instruction of a doctor.

At Elevation Chiropractic our doctors develop a tailored treatment plan for each individual patient. Within any particular plan could provide for massage therapy.  Every visit you are provided with the healing benefits of massage within our office, our therapists are guided with specific instruction provided to them by your chiropractor.  Treatment is tailored from beginning to end, and your care is taken into consideration every step of the way.


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Chiropractic Headache Help

tension headaches

The looming question:  what exactly are tension headaches and how can a visit to our Chiropractic office help? When peoplethink of a tension headache complaints, they usually associated exclusively with muscle tension which is true but is not the entire answer for the underlying causes. While this can be the case, it is often much more complicated than that.  Our doctor talks about and shows the relationship between the neck muscles and the neck joints regarding how to help a tension headache.  More specifically, what you can do to help

Here’s how most think about treating the underlying causes for tension headaches:

  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Pills from the Cabinet
  • Medical Doctor

What Chiropractic Can Do

We get a good amount of patients coming into our clinic that complain of headaches. Specifically tension headaches, usually getting the Chiropractors advice occurs after they’ve exhausted the others listed above.  The common definition of tension headaches is where as the day progresses there’s a feeling of tightness and tension the upper part of the neck and it gradually turns into pain that starts on both sides of the head.  This gradually goes up and over to encompass the entire head region resulting in a headache and you looking up treatments online to get help.  Here’s a useful video by a Chiropractor explaining some of the underlying causes and how we are useful in helping:

Click HERE for more information on basic Headache Treatments.

This problem usually occurs from sitting all day in a generally poor posture looking at a computer all day.  Or at a phone, which medical providers have started referring refer to as “text neck.”  As these complaints continue we at first try to ignore them, then treat with whatever someone we know recommends, but in the end many times a call to the Chiropractors office is what gets the true underlying cause to go away. It’s because when those tight muscles pull on the joints enough then the joints will go out, meaning you can stretch all day but that won’t put those joints back into place.

What you can do?

Please call our clinic today!  We are located in just off the freeway in Tigard Oregon, making it convenient to get to us from Beaverton, Portland, Tigard, or Lake Oswego.  Here we are going to help treat your complaints to improve your day-to-day function.  Another key part is Rehabilitation, where we continue to show you what you can do on your own at home to keep these problems from returning.   Check out our Sports Chiropractic approach to Neck Pain HERE.

Let us show you the power of the Chiropractors hand for help with your Tension Headaches!  We are at 9370 SW Greenburg Road, Tigard Oregon, 97223.  Give us a call today, or you can click here to Request an Appointment where all you need is to put in your email and we’ll contact you.  We also conveniently contact you via text message if that is easier; whatever we can do to make it easier to get you the help you need!


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Chiropractic vs Standard Treatment Comparison  

Conventional treatments for neck pain verses alternative care, which is most helpful?  There have been many studies.  Here we review the Chiropractic vs Standard treatments to reveal which is most helpful on average.

Chiropractor and Alternative Medicine vs. Standard Medical

Chiropractic vs Standard

Neck pain is a symptom of a wide variety of causes.  Sometimes it can be a basic mechanical problem (joints and muscles), while other times it can be due to the process of a very serious disease or problem. Whenever there is a problem like this, always be sure to get examined by a professional health care provider first for your neck pain; both a chiropractor and medical doctor have these credentials and will take an accurate and thorough examination.

Neck pain is most commonly caused from a prolonged strained position, a quick unguarded movement which sprains or strains the area, or just a gradual worsening from tight joints and muscles.  Standard medical care is usually along the lines of:  prescription medications, rest, heat/ice, then if it doesn’t go away get an xray or MRI.  This approach is completely symptom-based.  The treatment for neck pain by a chiropractor looks much deeper at what caused the problem initially, rather than just looking at the symptoms.

Sports Medicine Chiropractor

Here’s how a sports med chiropractor looks at neck pain… Let’s find the cause of what started the symptoms in the first place,  then we can not only treat the symptoms, but also what caused the symptoms in the first place, thereby lowering the risk of it coming back later.

This is the difference with alternative medicine; it generally looks at other contributing areas instead of focusing solely on where the symptoms are.  There’s a lot of opinions about alternative medicine, but taking a whole body approach – or at least a surrounding areas approach – will give a much better understanding to what may have caused the pain in the first place.  Just don’t take wikipedia’s advice on it – there is still quite a large amount of bias.  I also find it humorous that there are so many places that bash on chiropractors, but osteopaths get a pass.  Even though most of our education is the same and we perform pretty much the same treatment 🙂

For improved relief supplements, try Pain-RX Dietary Supplement.  Provides 12 nutrients and herbs commonly used for natural pain relief, and offers MSM, which helps relieve joint pain.  Check out our SupersizeMe discussion here.

Yours in Health,






Dr. Davis 


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Energy is the #1 Complaint by most adults


It is quite normal to lose energy over time as we age.  Hormonal changes cause our metabolic rate to change which further results in fluctuation of body fat and muscle mass.  As we age, our fat cells tend to move deeper into the body organs, slowing blood flow and overall function, most often at a very mild rate. Additionally, the body’s cells age as we do, which can attribute to lowered endurance.

When the body is in it’s prime, it calls up a reservist enzyme that protects the cells from damage.  However, as the cells age, they lose the ability to mobilize and begin to limit our other functions.  This is a natural occurrence, and no one should ever feel alarmed by this.  Learn more about Poor Posture and how that limits us here:  Elevation Chiropractic & Rehab

What I can do to improve my energy levels?

The great thing about the body is that it responds very well to proactive action!  Natural supplements, which can also be taken from a variety of foods, support your health through improving blood flow, elevating the metabolic rate, and aiding digestion.  All of the aforementioned contribute to lowered inflammation and stamina.

Learn more about What We Treat here:  Elevation Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Suggested Supplements for Improved Energy:

Energy by Vitabase provides ephedra-free formulation, a complete B-vitamin complex, as well as important minerals and the herbs ginseng and eleuthero to support sustainable levels.

This product does not contain ephedra but instead uses ingredients such as guarana, yerbe matte, and green tea to support the thermogenic processes in the body. These ingredients are a natural source of caffeine and provide the equivalent of about one-half cup of coffee.

Exercises to Improve Energy: provides 4 Workouts designed to improve your energy.  These specific stretches and basic self-care exercises include techniques that everyone can do to improve blood flow, release built-up toxins, and improve mobility.  These techniques can keep you moving and active which is guaranteed to spike your natural energy levels.

Keep those Joints Moving!


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Dr. Justin Davis here,

Chiropractor in beautiful Tigard Oregon (especially this time of year with the leaves changing colors, and today I’m giving some information regarding rib pain injuries.  If you haven’t heard someone talk about popping out a rib, they are referring to where the upper back meets the ribcage forming a joint.  This joint can become locked up, resulting in significant upper back pain and shoulder blade pain in the region.  The cause of rib pain can vary significantly, but for many of our Tigard Oregon patients we find that it is often due to a quick unguarded movement or staying in a poor position for a long time.  An example would be a quick and violent sneeze or twisting to grab something from falling that causes immediate shoulder pain.  Often this upper back pain could be from sitting too long and then getting up too fast, or sleeping in a strange position and waking up with shoulder blade pain.  Regardless of the cause, once you are suffering from rib pain you definitely need a Chiropractor to help fix the problem.  Below is a video of yours truly, Dr. Justin Davis, reviewing some information regarding rib pain injuries:

The most common

Initial treatment most of the patients we get in our Tigard Oregon office is just letting it rest, which although it may feel okay, usually it ends up causing even more upper back pain in the end.  While over the counter medications can help mask the rib pain symptoms, but more than likely a visit to the Chiropractor is necessary.  As detailed in the video above, muscle work to calm down the spasm around the shoulder blade pain will initially help.  After this then a Chiropractors adjustment to the area can be performed to the area, followed by immediate electrical muscle stimulation.  At the end we usually find out Tigard Oregon patients respond well to kinesiotaping over the area of shoulder blade pain.  We plan to release further videos revolving around this type of self care that will be done in the near future.  Usually takes 1-3 visits before the rib pain and associated shoulder pain is gone.  If you are experiencing these types of symptoms, get in to see us immediately.  Just look up Chiropractor Dr. Justin Davis at 503-206-4620, located at Elevation Chiropractic in Tigard Oregon.  One of the worst things you can do when you have upper back pain, which could very well be a rib injury, is let it sit.  Once the muscles and joints get used to the rib pain area then often it will stay at a dull pain temporarily but come back really strong at a later date.  -Dr. Justin Davis


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