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Lack of Energy?  Tips to get through the day and keep energized!

1. Positive Thinking

A positive mindset can help improve your overall feeling of well being and energize your body.

Positive thought does not mean you simply keep your head in the sand and take no notice of life’s less agreeable circumstances. Positive belief just means that you approach ugliness in a more helpful and fruitful way. It is not helpful to relish in the pain and agony of the unknown.  A positive outlook is guaranteed to improve your energy, whereas a negative overall outlook is more likely to wane your energy and burn you out quicker both physically and mentally.

Practice reframing.

Rather than stressing about a travel, for instance, be thankful for the fact that you have the funds for a car and get to spend a few extra moments rocking out to music or the news, accepting that there is absolutely nothing you can do about the traffic.



2. Be Active

Get some physical activity to break up your day.  Psychology expert, Richard Boyatzis, states that there is strapping evidence to recommend that habitual bodily or leisurely activities throughout your day can arouse compassion and creativity in the workplace.

Pursuant to Robert Gotlin, DO, a specialist in sports medicine at Lenox Hill Hospital and Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, the benefits of physical activity for an improved energy are double: A daily fitness regimen will ignite your body’s energy and mood, both of which contribute to your overall health and well-being.


3. Be Present in the Moment

All too often we as human creatures tend to space out, romanticize and day dream.  It’s a great way to pass the time.  However, when you are at work or driving the kids around to their various activities, or trying to learn something at school, it is easy to fall victim to disassociating our minds from the present moment.  Staying present is the mindful practice of participating in the activities that are in front of your face.

Being Intentional

Mindfully and intentionally staying present is challenging when you are already overwhelmed or feel rundown.  When we permit ourselves to day dream, or veer off track from our originally intended task, the body also goes into auto-pilot.  When you are being intentional, that means you are mindfully engaging your system.  If you are not engaging your system (body and brain) you run the risk of putting it into “rest mode” which quickly drains your energy and causes instant feelings of tiredness.

Engage with others intentionally.  Be mindful that your mind may be veering off from the conversation and mindfully bring your energy back into the room.  Make it a point to notice the colors in the room.  The sounds around you.  The sights and what others are trying to communicate to you.  This will engage your neurotransmitters and build greater fibers within the brain which in turn stimulate energy in the mind and body.


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Energy is the #1 Complaint by most adults


It is quite normal to lose energy over time as we age.  Hormonal changes cause our metabolic rate to change which further results in fluctuation of body fat and muscle mass.  As we age, our fat cells tend to move deeper into the body organs, slowing blood flow and overall function, most often at a very mild rate. Additionally, the body’s cells age as we do, which can attribute to lowered endurance.

When the body is in it’s prime, it calls up a reservist enzyme that protects the cells from damage.  However, as the cells age, they lose the ability to mobilize and begin to limit our other functions.  This is a natural occurrence, and no one should ever feel alarmed by this.  Learn more about Poor Posture and how that limits us here:  Elevation Chiropractic & Rehab

What I can do to improve my energy levels?

The great thing about the body is that it responds very well to proactive action!  Natural supplements, which can also be taken from a variety of foods, support your health through improving blood flow, elevating the metabolic rate, and aiding digestion.  All of the aforementioned contribute to lowered inflammation and stamina.

Learn more about What We Treat here:  Elevation Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Suggested Supplements for Improved Energy:

Energy by Vitabase provides ephedra-free formulation, a complete B-vitamin complex, as well as important minerals and the herbs ginseng and eleuthero to support sustainable levels.

This product does not contain ephedra but instead uses ingredients such as guarana, yerbe matte, and green tea to support the thermogenic processes in the body. These ingredients are a natural source of caffeine and provide the equivalent of about one-half cup of coffee.

Exercises to Improve Energy: provides 4 Workouts designed to improve your energy.  These specific stretches and basic self-care exercises include techniques that everyone can do to improve blood flow, release built-up toxins, and improve mobility.  These techniques can keep you moving and active which is guaranteed to spike your natural energy levels.

Keep those Joints Moving!



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