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The Myths of Low Back Injury

low back injury

As we grow and life moves forward, our knowledge of the body increases.  We are able to dispel some common misconceptions about pain and treatment because of this.  Most common are the assumption that those with “back breaking” jobs, the one’s who dig ditches or lay tile or work the docks all day long, they are most susceptible to low back injury.

Injury is not a sole cause to back pain; however, most complaints at the physician’s office that do not specify a fall or very specific causation are typically viewed as temporary and self-resolving.  Unfortunately, something “self-resolving” can actually prove to be chronic and ongoing if not treatment proactively.

What Can You Do?

1. Get Active

Data shows us that those with a sedentary lifestyle; truck drivers and office staff; are at equal risk.  This is the #1 source of weakness induced low back injury.

2. Reduce Stress

The #2 source of back pain in general is emotional stress.  No matter the trigger, it is substantially important to minimize stress and increase self-care methods.  “Me time” is no longer just a privilege of the Executive Employer.  It is clear that todays parent, admin support staff, and student is more in need of regularly scheduled “me time” than any.  These types of daily workers are at the top of the stress chain and require relaxation, exercise, therapy, massage and chiropractic care.

3. Mindless Movement

The #3 top common reason for low back injury – mindless movement.  Improper exercise, picking up something using the wrong area of the body, sudden twists and turns, impractical shoes, or incorrect breathing and posture are all examples of mindless movement.  It is easy to do any of these at any given time throughout the day.  At times, these mindless movements can add up to one very big issue.  If not treated proactively, one issue can become a chronic ongoing source of pain.

Tired of not giving your body what it needs to work better for you?  Click HERE to request an Appointment and put a little “Me Time” into your week!   Click HERE to read more about How We Treat our patients.

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Sleep and Injury Risk:

Well hello there, Dr. J, Chiropractor Tigard Community and all that, and oh yeah, very recently a new father.  The past 2 months have been an absolute blur, as all parents can attest, but there’s something I noticed the other day I needed to take heed of.  I never realized just how important sleep was until we had our first little monster and suddenly 8 hours per night of sleep changed to 4-6 hours.   And I know all about the studies of sleep and pain or injury, but it wasn’t until I was face first in the middle of it that I realized the struggle is real!  (#thestruggleisreal )


There’s a great graphic that I’ll post below showing some of the results of a sleep and athletics study performed by the Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics ( that goes through the information regarding amount of hours of sleep and injury rates.  This is especially true, as a Chiropractor for Tigard local athletes, and especially high school athletes, which the study focused significantly on.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep then you will run the risk of incurring an injury if you are engaged in sports or athletics.  As a Chiropractor, I aim to help the Tigard community not only with pain but overall health.  This also includes quality rest to keep injuries to a minimum.  I myself have experienced during my regular workouts just how much easier it is to be injured, and keep it injured after it occurs due to healing taking longer.  For all of the kids who take place in sports each year, we really need to have more emphasis on proper sleep training and education on and off the sports field.  This is especially true in that over 50% of adolescent athletes report getting less than 8 hours of sleep.

I’m certainly not a sleep doctor, but as a Chiropractor for Tigard local athletes, I can say that I do see a lot of injuries.  And I can’t help but think how many of those injuries and pain are involved with poor sleep.  Below is a video with some good tips that will help with getting to sleep and staying asleep.  -Dr. J


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