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Mind & Body

The two are one.  Twenty One Pilots brought a hit to the music scene with “Stressed Out” that resonated with thousands of fans across the country.  “Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days”.  What adult doesn’t feel that way from time to time? stressed out

Sports medicine doctors understand the cumulative importance of mental health helping body wellness.  Our mind controls the ship, and the ship reacts to it’s every whim.  Psychological issues are important in dealing with orthopedic distress and injuries. More often than not, people choose to deny any potential underlying contributions.  Sympathy for the human mental function lacks heavily in today’s society.  “We’re stressed out” isn’t just some random lyrics in a popular song, it has become a mantra for the modern family just trying to get by.

Make up your mind

Are you willing to support your mind to improve your body?  Is being stressed out often directly connected to your immune dysfunction?  Is it triggering an Epstein Bar Virus?  Is it actually increasing your pain tolerance?  These are questions you should be asking yourself.  Additionally, psychological stressors unequivocally influence brain function and brain wave activity.  Aliening the mind with the body is essential to proper function, reduction of change of injury, improvement of physical and emotional health, and overall quality of life.

But what can you do about it?  Below we have listed some beneficial activities that you can add to your daily routine to help you reduce stress and improve the quality of your life.

Just Breath

Unconsciously the human body takes several shallow breaths throughout the day.  These short, stinted breaths can actually produce or worsen stress responses in the body when ignored.  Without you even knowing.  So just breath.  Be more mindful of your breathing throughout the day and you may find yourself less stressed out.

Peace & Quiet

It is good practice to take just 10-15 minutes each day in a quiet secluded space where you can rest without interruption.  Sit or make yourself comfortable.  Notice your breathing.  Slow your mind. Feel your breath fill your lungs, and then pay attention as the breath slowly leaves you.

Continuing, take a deep breath slowly through the nose.  Hold it for just 1 or 2 seconds, then gently let go of your breath out through your mouth.  Feel your body tension release with each breath out.

Slowly stretch your arms above your head, reaching for the sky, while continue to breath in through the nose.  Upon holding your breath, then slowly relax your arms and bring them down as you release the air from your lungs and breath out through the mouth.

Repeat these simple steps as needed, and you should feel more relaxed, less stressed out, level headed and able to manage your day better than before.


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