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Sports Massage – What is it really?

Sports massage is focused on athletic individuals ranging from traveling pros to the weekly jogger.  Concentrating on areas of the physique that are overworked and strained from tedious and often hostile activities.

Sports Massage

How does it help?

Facets of sports massage are increasing in approval as beneficial attributes in a balanced exercise routine. This can be used as a resource to improve training. Additionally to lessen recovery periods for supreme performance throughout physical activity or after a big event. Sportspersons have uncovered that specifically planned sports massage encourages elasticity, diminishes lethargy, expands stamina, helps prevent injuries.  Preparing one’s body and mind for optimal performance is an essential tool in sports and regular physical activities, so it is imperative to improve your self-care regimen.

One of the main paybacks of sports massage likened to other modalities is its capability to mark muscle-tendon connections. A 2010 study in the periodical of Strength and Conditioning Research discovered that even a 30-second massage enhanced hip-flexor range of motion. Alternative studies conducted by Margaret Jones, Ph.D., established a notable tendency toward diminished muscle tenderness.  This helps specifically in the participants who received massage either before or after a workout.  Dr. Jones is a Senior Associate Editor for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.  She is also an Assistant Editor-in-Chief for the Strength and Conditioning Journal.

How often is it recommended?

When joining in on steady physical activity, this type of massage is recommended each week or two as part of your usual routine. It’s best to chat with one of our licensed massage therapists to devise a strategy that will work best with your calendar and level of movement.  One of our trusted Chiropractors can assist you in a proper referral for sports massage right in our very own facility!


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The Myths of Low Back Injury

low back injury

As we grow and life moves forward, our knowledge of the body increases.  We are able to dispel some common misconceptions about pain and treatment because of this.  Most common are the assumption that those with “back breaking” jobs, the one’s who dig ditches or lay tile or work the docks all day long, they are most susceptible to low back injury.

Injury is not a sole cause to back pain; however, most complaints at the physician’s office that do not specify a fall or very specific causation are typically viewed as temporary and self-resolving.  Unfortunately, something “self-resolving” can actually prove to be chronic and ongoing if not treatment proactively.

What Can You Do?

1. Get Active

Data shows us that those with a sedentary lifestyle; truck drivers and office staff; are at equal risk.  This is the #1 source of weakness induced low back injury.

2. Reduce Stress

The #2 source of back pain in general is emotional stress.  No matter the trigger, it is substantially important to minimize stress and increase self-care methods.  “Me time” is no longer just a privilege of the Executive Employer.  It is clear that todays parent, admin support staff, and student is more in need of regularly scheduled “me time” than any.  These types of daily workers are at the top of the stress chain and require relaxation, exercise, therapy, massage and chiropractic care.

3. Mindless Movement

The #3 top common reason for low back injury – mindless movement.  Improper exercise, picking up something using the wrong area of the body, sudden twists and turns, impractical shoes, or incorrect breathing and posture are all examples of mindless movement.  It is easy to do any of these at any given time throughout the day.  At times, these mindless movements can add up to one very big issue.  If not treated proactively, one issue can become a chronic ongoing source of pain.

Tired of not giving your body what it needs to work better for you?  Click HERE to request an Appointment and put a little “Me Time” into your week!   Click HERE to read more about How We Treat our patients.


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That term is no joke! Neck pain can be one of the most common and persistent pains you will endure.  Neck pain self treatment is a commonly looked down upon suggestion.  However, when done simply and correctly, it can be an effective regimen to add to your daily self-care routine.

As a Chiropractor in Tigard OR I get a lot of questions regarding “What can I do on my own for my neck pain?”  The short answer is: do something!  Get out there and move around; our bodies weren’t meant to sit around all day and this is why we have such problems.  And  because of all the sitting we get neck pain from developing imbalanced to our neck joints.  Our head gets used to being slouched over, which brings along with it the shoulders and pain develops.  This ultimately a patient ends up looking up Chiropractor in Tigard OR because of the problems that have arose from these body changes.

But What Can I Do?

Neck pain starts to become chronic because of the body changes that occur with slouched posture. Neck pain self treatment can help reduce these issues.

So we need to get some stretches to help relieve these.   Dr. Justin Davis, your local Tigard OR Chiropractor, recommends self treatment for neck pain which can be found on our Neck Pain Page.  This involves several types of exercises and stretches which can help decrease the pain.  Further self treatment would be to change how you are sitting to be more correct and upright.  You can do this by pushing your back to the chair more and sit closer to your desk.  Once you’re closer to the desk lean back your upper back and shoulders into the back of the chair and make sure your screen is at eye level.  This is the correct sitting position to keep that neck pain under control and keep you out of the chiropractor’s office

Contact us

An assessment and further in person instruction on how we can get you out of pain can immediately get you back on track!

If you live in Tigard and would like more information, please contact our Chiropractic Office at 503-206-4620 to schedule an appointment.

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Why should I choose a Chiropractor in Tigard?

First off I think the actual topic of why to choose a chiropractor is important, let alone on why to choose a chiropractor in Tigard or in the Beaverton area.  The treatment which we provide is a conservative style of medicine.  The chiropractor’s approach which is very safe and doesn’t deal with slicing the body open or dealing with addictive medications has never been more necessary.  This pain management path is one that is really gaining momentum not only in the U.S., but also in the world. Chiropractors in Tigard and in the rest of Oregon are designated as primary care providers, which means we can see you without a referral as well as diagnose you for a disease/injury and manage your care and referrals.

The CDC (which stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has recently given the classification of “epidemic” in regards to how bad the prescription drug abuse problem is in the U.S..  We consume 80% of the world’s pain medication in the US, despite being such a small percentage of the world population!  To say that the need for conservative pain care is needed, one which doesn’t deal with drug medications, is an understatement.  The only thing we need to look at it is:  how to make sure you are going to a quality chiropractor.

The nice thing about our area is that there is a decent amount of chiropractic clinics, which means that for chiropractors in Tigard there is competition! When it’s just a one-horse-town where there is a single or low amount of doctors then sometimes the patient care may suffer.  It can also mean a very different thing for the amount that is charged.  If there were only one chiropractor in Tigard then it is very possible that the price for treatment could be very inflated.  I am always surprised at how much prices are for chiropractors when the town has a very small number of them.

We always want what is best for our patients, which is often going up and beyond with treatment without charging an extra arm and a leg.  We have developed our reputation as treating our patients like family members.  If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Tigard, please give us a call at 503-206-4620 and let us add you to our family!  -Dr. J


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