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Neck Pain CAN be helped!

I know that dealing with neck pain is never an easy task.  You twist, turn, try leaning back, try leaning forward.  There’s really not a whole lot you can do in a given day once you start to experience neck pain. Using chiropractic for neck pain is a pretty well-known treatment method these days; unfortunately it has almost become comical at just how simple it is.  You come in, lie down on the table, then a few yanks and cracks later you’re done.  In and out in 5 minutes flat.  Here’s why Sports Medicine Chiropractic treatment is better.

So why fix it if it ain’t broken?

This is a very outdated chiropractic treatment philosophy.  These days there are many more clinics adapting a “sports medicine” philosophy.

Let’s take a patient suffering from neck pain.  They could walk into 2 different chiropractic clinics and have 2 completely different experiences.  One clinic they get the standard treatment (in and out in a few minutes), and the other is sports medicine.  At the sports medicine clinics the standard chiropractic neck pain treatment will be applied, but also a whole host of other treatments will be explored:

  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Soft Tissue work
  • Massage
  • Therapeutic Exercises
  • Kinesiology Taping

Better Care

These are just a few things that are becoming much more mainstream for chiropractic neck pain patients we treat in the Tigard community, all of which lead to a much faster recovery time and ultimately less time and money spent at the doctor’s office.  Much more to come on this and other types of conditions, including those that can increase risk of neck pain, that a sports med chiropractor can keep to a problem before it even begins.


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Shoulder Pain – Scraping the Area with Instrument Assisted Mobilization

As a Sports Chiropractor in Tigard, I see a decent amount of the local population’s athletes.  And whether an athlete or not, most patients respond to more aggressive type of treatments.  This is compared to Tigard Chiropractors who perform more passive and basic chiropractic care.  And when it comes to shoulder pain, one of the treatments we utilize at our clinic is something called Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization or IASTM.  Below there’s a quick video of what this looks like.  There’s a 30 second intro, so if you just want to see the muscle scraping, go just under a minute in.

Using Chiropractic Instrument Assisted Mobilization for shoulder pain may be a little aggressive for some, in which bruising is common, as well as soreness for several days, but it can really change a lot of things.  Our muscles can develop small adhesions in them, which is more or less scar tissue, that changes how the muscles work.  Instead of being able to bend and stretch like a normal healthy muscle, the muscle develops little balls or lumps in it.  Any chiropractor Tigard will tell you that in the shoulder muscles this can lead to shoulder pain, and Instrument Assisted Mobilization helps break up those small balls or lumps.  Depending on how bad an area is, anywhere between 3 and 8 minutes is usually applied to a muscle group.  For shoulder pain, using Instrument Assisted Mobilization to the whole rotator cuff and upper shoulder area really helps with relief.

When a new patient comes in to my tigard chiropractic clinic, and they are interested in Instrument Assisted Mobilization for shoulder pain, I typically tell a patient that it takes anywhere between 4-8 visits to really change things.  But typically visit to visit there is gradual improvements, where the lumps decrease, and bruising or soreness decreases.  Usually the first 2-3 visits have the most soreness, but afterwards the area feels much looser.  If you have any questions about graston technique for shoulder pain, or would like to get treated at my Tigard Chiropractor location, please call us at 503-206-4620.  -Dr. J


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The importance of good posture:

We have all heard it said by friends and family:  stand up straight!  Well unfortunately, mom had it right said Dr. Justin Davis, your local Tigard OR Chiropractor.  Most neck pain comes about from poor posture that we do all day, which any decent chiropractor will tell you right away.  The problem with our society these days is we sit for so much that our body starts to get used to being in this position.  We sit on our way to work, we sit at work all day, then we get off and come home and end up sitting some more on the couch while “relaxing” after a tough day at work.  And unfortunately we see it often at our chiropractic center that most of the time the neck pain comes about from sitting in the diagram below

Neck pain starts to develop when the head gets used to being forward.  This causes the shoulders to follow, so we get the sagging shoulders, which continues to contribute to neck pain by reinforcing the bad posture.  We can correct this with chiropractic adjustments, but there also needs to be a good home regimen of self treatment and corrections to how you sit.

Good Posture

Unfortunately it’s not quite as easy as mom used to say.  “Sit up straight” doesn’t really fix the problem.  Simply trying to sit up more erect will only last for about 2 minutes, then everything will go back to the way it has become used to.  You need to find out exactly what’s wrong and get a tailored plan on how to fix it.  At our Tigard clinic we deal with business professionals all day long who have this problem, but have found a very reliable way of treating it.  This leads to long lasting results and empowers the patient to be able to do work from home instead of relying on a visit to the chiropractor every week.


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