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Lack of Sleep?

Lack of sleep is the #1 complaint around the world today!  Not pain, not money, but a lack of quality sleep.  Here is what you can do to improve mobility, reduce body ache and get a better night’s sleep.


Sleep anywhere? No?  You’re not alone!

Ask yourself:

  • Do you feel worse when you’re at rest?
  • Are your eyes weak, red and/or heavy in the morning, or throughout the day?
  • Do your hips ache while you sleep?
  • Do your fingers suffer from numbness and tingling, or go completely dead in the middle of the night?
  • Is your body stiff and sore upon rising from bed in the morning?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above mentioned questions, you may be suffering from lack of circulation caused by pinched nerves, and swelling around the joints and muscles.  All of this pertains to a lack of sleep, and if it happens long enough, can lead to long time damage. Luckily for you, there is something you can do!  Nightly body stiffness and the loss of mobility that incurs can cause numbness, inflammation and restless sleep.  Below is more information on how to help yourself.

McKenzie Stretches

Robin McKenzie believed that most patients could learn to treat themselves if taught correctly.  Robin Anthony McKenzie, born in New Zealand, was a Physiotherapist in the 1950’s.  Mr. McKenzie worked with numerous patients and internationally consulted many organisations involved in research and treatment of mechanical spinal disorders.  In the 1980’s he was awarded Honorary Life Member of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and gave us the gift of his own patented therapy techniques which are used in Chiropractor Dr. Justin Davis’s office in Tigard OR today.

Elevation Chiropractic

Our clinic believes in empowering its patients to self treat through properly structured and well demonstrated stretching that the patient can easily perform at home in their own comfort.  These very specific stretches can promote improved mobility, increase the release of built up inflammatory fluids that have been trapped under the muscle tissue, and subsequently relieve pain which will also result in a better night’s sleep. Do these daily and your stiffness and aching pains will reduce naturally.

What are you doing?

On a daily bases you will move and posture your body in a way that commonly adds unknown stress to the joints and muscles.  This causes the body to naturally inflame and provide supporting fluids around the tissue.  Unfortunately that inflammation can cause achy joints,which become more noticeable during times of rest, making sleep less productive.  Our clinic utilizes many professional, long standing and proven techniques of adjustment, electrode therapy, and active release massage; however, just as imperative to your strength and continued mobility is the at home care and stretches Dr. Davis teaches you.

What we can do to help…

The McKenzie method of treatment will help you maintain an at home exercise regimen that is simple to do and effective in pain relief.  The treatment is used with patients ranging from sports enthusiasts to sufferers of auto accidents and everyone in between.  Give Elevation Chiropractic a call today and talk about your options to get your body back on track, and better rested!  Visit our Appointments Page to request your appointment now!



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Sleepless nights?

Dr. Justin Davis, Chiropractor, and father to a 10 month old baby boy, knows all too well about being sleepless in Tigard.



Changes in life causing sleepless nights

“The first 2 months were an absolute blur”, Dr. Justin Davis says as he recalls his introduction to parenthood.  “I never realized just how important sleep was until we had our first little monster.  Suddenly 8 hours per night of sleep changed to 4-6 hours.”  Soon colds became more relevant in the household. Forgetfulness and potential accidental injuries are suddenly something to be aware of!  Stress can easily creep up on you with lack of sleep as well.

Daily Goals

Our goal is improved health, and with that this local chiropractor will assess your sleep habits to ensure your stress and chiropractic needs are not an associated reaction to sleeplessness.  When you improve your sleep, your ability to mindfully assess projects, interact with others, even avoid potential injury is automatically improved as well.  Weekly adjustments by your chiropractor, and even massage therapy, can help in improving sleepless nights.

Getting more sleep

If you aren’t getting enough sleep then you will run the risk of incurring an injury if you are engaged in sports or athletics.  As a Chiropractor, Dr. Justin Davis aims to help his community not only with pain, but overall health.  This also includes quality rest to keep injuries to a minimum.  Healing can even take longer when your body is not well rested.   Over 50% of adolescent athletes report getting less than 8 hours of sleep.  This statistic is shocking!  As it is, adolescents require more than 8 hours of sleep each day, and are placing themselves at a high risk of injury, exhaustion and reduction in grades and focus during moments of loss of quality sleep.

Reach Out

Dr. Justin Davis is most certainly not a “sleep” doctor, but as a Chiropractor, he does treat quite a lot of exhaustion related injuries.  If you are suffering from loss of mobility, focus, increased injury, stiffness, overall mental fatigue, and stress or feeling overwhelmed due to loss of sleep; it is very possible that your body is begging to be adjusted!  Give our office a call today for an initial visit and full physical assessment to see if chiropractic rehabilitation is recommended for you.

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Sleep and Injury Risk:

Well hello there, Dr. J, Chiropractor Tigard Community and all that, and oh yeah, very recently a new father.  The past 2 months have been an absolute blur, as all parents can attest, but there’s something I noticed the other day I needed to take heed of.  I never realized just how important sleep was until we had our first little monster and suddenly 8 hours per night of sleep changed to 4-6 hours.   And I know all about the studies of sleep and pain or injury, but it wasn’t until I was face first in the middle of it that I realized the struggle is real!  (#thestruggleisreal )


There’s a great graphic that I’ll post below showing some of the results of a sleep and athletics study performed by the Journal of Pediatric Orthopedics ( that goes through the information regarding amount of hours of sleep and injury rates.  This is especially true, as a Chiropractor for Tigard local athletes, and especially high school athletes, which the study focused significantly on.

If you aren’t getting enough sleep then you will run the risk of incurring an injury if you are engaged in sports or athletics.  As a Chiropractor, I aim to help the Tigard community not only with pain but overall health.  This also includes quality rest to keep injuries to a minimum.  I myself have experienced during my regular workouts just how much easier it is to be injured, and keep it injured after it occurs due to healing taking longer.  For all of the kids who take place in sports each year, we really need to have more emphasis on proper sleep training and education on and off the sports field.  This is especially true in that over 50% of adolescent athletes report getting less than 8 hours of sleep.

I’m certainly not a sleep doctor, but as a Chiropractor for Tigard local athletes, I can say that I do see a lot of injuries.  And I can’t help but think how many of those injuries and pain are involved with poor sleep.  Below is a video with some good tips that will help with getting to sleep and staying asleep.  -Dr. J


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