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I know it’s a little late to be quoting Christmas songs, but it certainly is applicable to our current Tigard icy conditions!  With the snow and the freezing rain falling it slicks up the roads and the sidewalks, which means car accidents and slip and falls are occurring at an alarming rate for 2016. This also means most Chiropractors offices are getting an influx of patients complaining of neck pain. With both of these types of accidents, slip and fall and auto accident, whiplash is the type of injury.  This type of injury occurs when the neck is flung backward at a very fast rate and then goes forward at a similar type of speed.  This injury causes significant compression of the neck joints and muscles and ligaments surrounding the region. This in itself causes significant neck and shoulder pain directly, let alone if there was a trauma such as falling on concrete.  This type of injury cause is very similar to the low back as well, which has the same type of curve that the neck has.

We treat the Tigard population with these types of injuries literally every day at Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.  Because roads are so often slick with rain we have car accident injuries that occur all the time in Oregon.  It is so much worse however when us Oregon drivers attempt to slide around on ice and snow.  If you too have some car accident pain, whether it’s neck, shoulders, or low back and hips, let us help you get over the pain and stay pain-free going forward.  -Dr. J


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