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Did you know Stress at the Computer is the #1 Cause of Shoulder Pain!

We often discuss seasonal stress and how the #1 cause of neck, shoulder and mid back pain is emotional stress!  Your mind is a very powerful machine, and like most machines, when it gets overloaded it heats up, shuts down and takes longer to process simple tasks.  When the mind is overworked or stressed, similar reactions can be expected.  Don’t let tax season stress get the best of you!

Tax Time

During this time of year when everyone is worried about what their taxes will look like, or stressing over what items they may or may not need to gather together for their yearly assessments, it is easy to become overwhelmed emotionally. Dr. Justin Davis says your mind is already dealing with the day to day events of working, paying the bills, and family obligations and when you add in additional stress, like Tax Season (especially if you’re a CPA), and you can expect to experience additional painful aches and tension in the neck, shoulder and mid back where complaints are typically lower or even non-existent.

When sudden life stress pops up, the body reacts in the same manner as if you were suddenly physically jarred, much like in an auto accident when the body’s muscle tighten up in an attempt to brace for impact.  It is a protective instinct for the body to react physically to your sudden emotion.  Unfortunately, however, that presents a new set of complaints.

Best way to avoid this?

According to Dr. Justin Davis, preemptive care is the #1 Best Way to avoid stiff, sore, and painful aches due to tax season stress from occurring in the first place.  The simplest way is to think of it as an annual treatment program.  Get yourself into a good physical state before the impact of sudden stress and tension strikes!  Regular weekly adjustments and electrical muscle stimulation can be the best proactive defense in battling against upcoming tax stress.

Stress Relievers

Your body can only be as good to you as you are to it, and a healthy body is one that is functioning at it’s best, not suffering from painful aches at the spur of stress.  Healthy bodies deal with pain and stress like mature, capable adults; while an unhealthy physical body with joints out of place and limited mobility will react like a spoiled child at the onset of any additional sudden stress.

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