What we treat

Low Back Pain

If you have a history of low back pain and are experiencing a bit of hip pain and tightness, then it could gradually turn into a full back pain flareup. Occasional adjustments or massage can help this.

Upper Back Pain

Mid back pain and shoulder pain or soreness can often turn into neck pain, which then results in a devastating headache.  Mid back pain can also indicated that a rib has moved out of place.

Neck Pain

Your shoulder joints could be contributing to your neck pain, stiffness, and headaches without you realizing. Neck pain is a common symptom treated by chiropractic and massage.

Car Accident Injuries

Do you, or someone you know, have pain from an auto injury?  If left untreated, a car accident injury can lead to long-lasting neck pain and low back pain. Car Accidents can cause whiplash, which means significant injury to the spine from the forces involved and the vulnerable positions our bodies are in while sitting in a car. Due to the body position while sitting, pain from car accident events is common because our ligaments take most of the damage.

The main problem with auto injury is that the whiplash directly damages the ligaments of the spine which significantly affects the stability of the body’s structures.  Our team of chiropractors and massage therapists target their treatment plans to help get you better quickly and efficiently.

How We Treat is just as important as what we treat.

Car Accident Injury
Knee Pain

Extremity Pains

Elevation Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is not only focused on the spine.  Its primary goal is to help its patients gain relief from aches and pains throughout the body; whether it be knee pain, arm pain, wrist pain, hip pain or overall loss of mobility.  The extremities play a large role in the contributions of pain and suffering.  Our professionals are trained in pain management and rehabilitative therapies.

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