How we treat

Treatment starts with light, in-office work by your chiropractor and/or a massage therapist, and quickly adjusts into specified home exercise training.  Early treatments with your chiropractor last for an average of 15 minutes; however, depending upon your specific needs, your visit time may quickly extend into longer appointments with a large emphasis on massage and muscle work.  Deep tissue work is either performed by your chiropractor or one of our massage therapists. This muscle work dramatically helps with treatment outcomes.  

Many times massage therapy is used if extended muscle work is necessary.  For most of our patients there is no extra charge for this extended muscle work.  If necessary, more aggressive massage and muscle work can be utilized.  Our Chiropractors are trained in specific muscle work techniques and Instrument Assisted Mobilization.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Our clinic utilizes a unique 3 Step Treatment approach.

Every body is different, and how we treat your body will depend on your specific needs.  Your initial visit, and subsequent occasional re-examination visits, will help the doctor assess your specific treatment plan and overall objectives.

Your initial treatment will begin with some light muscle work provided by the chiropractor or licensed massage therapist.  This work is performed as needed and to your tolerance.

Spinal adjustments will then be performed once the muscles have been properly loosened.  Additional massage work or exercises may then be provided.

Massage & Muscle Work

More often than not, massage and muscle work is necessary.  This ensures the muscles surrounding the joint regions are relaxed for further adjustment or prescribed exercise and strengthening rehabilitation therapy.

We have staffed Licensed Massage Therapists onsite who, if recommended by your Chiropractor, can provide further deep tissue and medical massage work to specific areas.

Our massage therapists are also Licensed Chiropractic Assistants, which permits them to assist you under the doctor's recommended and specified instruction.

Many times we may also utilize electrical muscle stimulation to fatigue muscles to ensure they do not return to spasm. This is especially utilized when dealing with a fresh sports injury.

Home Exercise

Let's Keep Your Active!

After treatment, easy to perform rehabilitative home exercises are taught in-office.  This helps you to maintain the benefits made depending on what is causing your pain or loss of mobility.  Home exercises are based on how the body is moving in certain key directions, and many times, if someone suffers a sports or auto injury.

Dr. Justin Davis is a trained Chiropractor in advanced biomechanics. Click here to see the Doctor's credentials.

As pain continues to decrease, more advanced home exercises can be taught. This will continue to sustain your pain relief time so that ultimately you will not need to rely so heavily on passive, in-office treatments.

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