Our Approach

We offer unique, gentle chiropractic treatment, along with a variety of specialty therapeutic techniques, for all of our patients.  Our method is unique in the sense that we often times implement a specialized treatment plan for each individual that may include chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation exercises, massage therapy if you have been injured in a car accident, and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization.  Dr. Justin Davis and Dr. Dan Truong with their team of licensed massage therapists are here to help put your pain at ease.  We provide the most evidenced and medically-based chiropractic care to get you better as fast as possible.

How We Treat

We recommend clicking the How We Treat page to get information on how we go about dealing with nagging neck pain or bothersome back pain.  There is also a video of Dr. Justin Davis demonstrating our top notch, unique treatment that separates us from any standard chiropractic center.

We strive to get every patient the quickest results at the most affordable price.  Everyone receives a tailored treatment plan based on their specific needs. Our Chiropractors typically spend 15-30 minutes with a each patient during their visit. They take time teaching self treatment to the patient for neck pain and back pain, which can also be done at home and is highly recommended.  Many times we will use one of our massage therapists for further care in order to get even faster results.  This combination of massage care and self treatment ensures long lasting results if you are suffering from neck pain or back pain.  Our treatments are very comfortable and allow for a stress-free environment to get maximum results for our patients.

Empowering you is our number one priority.  We dedicate ourselves by keeping our clinic open as late as 7:00 pm. Our clinic is conveniently located right off the I-217 freeway, next to the Washington Square Mall in Tigard Oregon.  Contact Us anytime.

What Insurances Do We Take?

Read more on what insurance companies we are in network with, and what sort of payment options we have.

Meet the Team

Our team is specifically called to help others reduce pain and become active again.
Your wellbeing and improved mobility is our #1 goal!

Dr. Justin Davis


Dr. Davis prides himself on helping patients feel better and live a more active life.

Dr. Dan Truong


Dr. Truong prides himself on providing the best possible services to all of his patients.

Lindsey Smith LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Licensed and certified in Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Ashiatsu, Sports and Cranio-sacral work.

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