Dr. Justin Davis

Dr. Justin Davis

Dr. Justin Davis is the owner and Chiropractor of Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, where he performs evidenced and medically-based chiropractic treatment to the population of Tigard Oregon.  His goal is to help patients achieve their goals as fast as possible, including teaching self care for pain.  He is currently in his 8th year of practice as a Chiropractor, specializing in a thorough and comprehensive type of chiropractic treatment.  He also focuses on rehabilitative treatment which is ideal for all patient types to empower them to perform their own self care to keep pain at bay. Additionally Dr. Justin Davis specializes in biomechanical exams to identify faulty movement patterns, then treatment and rehabilitating patients with self care to produce a more balanced and flexible person and out of pain.

This treatment style is extremely efficient not only for those with daily or flare-up pain, but also sports injury and auto injury pain sufferers of the Tigard Oregon population.  This is a particular passion of his, where he's a firm believer that if patients are educated and taught correct self care then they can keep themselves out of pain on their own.

Dr. Justin Davis is a native through-and-through. He grew up in Wilsonville Oregon, where he graduated high school in 2000, performed his Pre-Med at Oregon State University, and attended his four years of graduate school at University of Western States in Portland Oregon.  He started working at a Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Clinic in Tualatin Oregon, where he treated for three years, and then opened up Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Tigard Oregon in June 2013.

Some of Dr. Justin Davis’ favorite things to do: spending time with his perfect wife & wonderful son.  When he's spending time at Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation not treating patients he enjoys researching, going to seminars, and continuing the learning process (read: nerding out).  Additionally he enjoys exercise in forms of jogging, strength training, boxing, projects around the house, and hiking when there is time.

Treatment philosophy: "Treat every patient like a family member."

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