Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain

What causes Low Back Pain?

Low back pain can be caused by many different stressors, from the very serious injuries, to more common causes such as bending down incorrectly. Although most causes of back pain are not bad enough to send someone to the hospital, it is always good to get a detailed look at why it has occurred in the first place.  Many times determining the cause can prevent future pain and suffering.

Here are some common causes of low back pain:

  • A sprain or strain from a lifting injury
  • Wear and tear or Arthritis from repetitive activities throughout life
  • Spasm from too quick of an everyday movement
  • A joint and muscle imbalance, where certain joints and muscles are too tight and others are too weak
  • A bulged disc of the spine
  • An irritated nerve of the low back

What we MUST know first

Depending upon the reasons for your low back pain complaints, there are circumstances when alternative care is not an appropriate.  Should a particular condition in present health history prevent the option  of providing a patient with chiropractic adjustment, and muscle massage work, then an outside referral to a provider more suited for that patient is needed.

Be sure to inform any chiropractor of any diseases, or more serious medical conditions, that may contribute to your back pain prior to treatment.  This information could be imperative to ensuring the care you receive is not a contraindication to a method of treatment.  It is your responsibility to ensure we are made aware of any medical condition that may support a decision for outside referral, or obtaining from a specific modality of treatment.

What Works

Back Pain is so common that it covers the majority of all clinical studies regarding Chiropractic effectiveness as a method of treatment.  Chiropractic alignment is the largest of all the alternative medicine professions by far, which means its treatment has been studied in-depth.  The consensus on nearly all studies, including systematic reviews and randomized control studies (most of which are composed and overseen by medical physicians) is that low back pain chiropractic care has a very strong record of successfully treating the condition.

Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation takes treatment very seriously, utilizing medically-based and proven techniques.  We begin by creating a patient-specific treatment plan tailored to your physical needs.  We implement several different types of treatment methods based upon your plan.

It is our goal to get you feeling better faster.  To achieve our goal, we start off with a stronger method of treatment.  Your visits will be often at first, as it is always our intention to reduce your frequency of visits while increasing the intensity of treatment as you prove a sustained improvement.

Low back pain chiropractic treatment has also been shown to be much more cost effective, costing approximately 40% less than standard medical care while getting better results, according to the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics.

Chiropractic treatment is a successful type of alternative medicine because it focuses on treating the cause of back pain, not just the symptoms. Just treating a back pain sufferer with rest or medication is simply treating the symptoms, not correcting the cause.

Our clinic uses hands on muscle work to loosen the tight muscles and gentle adjusting to the back pain regions to make certain the joints are functioning correctly.  If further work is needed then we have electrical muscle stimulation to decrease muscle spasm from returning, and exercises and stretches to keep the risk of pain down which the patient can continue to do at home. This high quality treatment gets the fastest and best results, seen in both clinical practice and in clinical studies.

Next Steps...

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