Do you have a Work Injury?  

If you’ve suffered a work injury in Oregon then you have the right to choose who treats you.  Many people don’t realize this, but you can see a Chiropractor right away after a work injury.  

The Injury Care performed at Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is perfectly suited for injuries that occur at work.  We combine the following with our care:  

  • MassageWork Injury Massage
  • Physical Therapy Modalities and Rehabilitation/Exercise
  • Gentle Chiropractic

Getting hurt at work does not always involve a big Hollywood type of event.  Most work injuries don’t stem from an epic fall through a 40 foot window, but with usual every day activities.  Bending over, reaching for an object:  these are all very common reasons why someone can suffer a work injury.   When something done at work results in pain then it needs the right treatment.

Many times the pain will gradually decrease…. but that doesn’t mean the root of the problem has been fixed!  Often the reason for getting hurt is due to poor body movements.  It’s not just “part of the job” – everyone should know how to properly perform their duties optimally, and that is something we specialized in here at Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation.  We will get you feeling better and then show you ways to stay feeling better!

What Kind of treatment do you do? 

Our treatment is uniquely suited for injury care.  We offer a combination of Chiropractic, Massage, and Physical Therapy modalities and Rehabilitation.  Our treatments last anywhere between 15 minutes and 75 minutes depending on what we’re trying to accomplish, especially when we focus on massage or muscle work.  The muscle work massage we perform significantly helps injuries heal faster and gives long0term relief. 

Once the muscles and joints are calmed down with Massage and Chiropractic then we will move into Rehabilitation.  This is where we look at your body movements and teach you better positioning and movements for what could cause a future injury.  We also go through exercises with our patients to ensure they have a good basis for long-term self care for years to come!  

What Injuries do you Treat?  

Low back pain is one of the most common work injuries, which is something our clinic treats every day.  However at Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation we treat a significant amount of different injuries, both work and injury related.  We most commonly treat back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and hip pain. 

We also frequently treat other complaint regions such as headaches, knee/ankle pain, elbow and wrist pain….even jaw pain!  It’s incredible that so many times someone will come in with a problem they didn’t think was in the realm of Chiropractic and Rehabilitation treatment. 

How do I get in to be seen at your clinic?  

If you’ve been hurt at work then you are in control of where you get treatment.  Many times an injured worker will be “recommended” to go see a particular provider, but in reality the worker has the choice on whoever he wants to seek care from….which includes a Chiropractic Doctor!  It is your body – you need to do what’s best for your long-term health, which means getting tailored Injury Treatment.  

Here’s the steps to follow if you have a work injury in Oregon:  

  1. Immediately after you’re hurt, call our Chiropractic & Massage Clinic.  We can walk you through the steps and paperwork at this point to ensure your care is covered.  
  2. If you’ve already been to another doctor:  you can request a Massage or Chiropractic & Massage referral from this doctor.  Very often they will agree that it’s the best course of action. 


Make Your Appointment Today!

Our treatment offers the best and quickest results.  On clinic are on multiple MCO Panels to ensure you can be seen by us.  Our providers specialize in tissue release work and rehabilitation.  We pride ourselves on a very comprehensive examination and care plan to get you back doing the things you love.  

If you’ve been hurt at work, call us at 503-206-4620 and get in to see our doctors first!  Don’t let a minor problem snowball into a BIG problem in the future.  We are here to help you get over your current pain and then help teach you ways to build yourself into something better.  


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