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Your Body Wants to Keep Moving

Keep Moving

Keep moving and keep your health!

Sitting Will Kill You!

As a matter of fact, studies have showed that lack of keeping your body moving will actually diminish your lifespan!  Sedentary lifestyles to a chiropractor are considered self-destructive behavior.  So stop acting out and start stepping out!  Chiropractors will appreciate it!

Your Body is Amazing!

Your body wants to show you what it can do, but moving it is the only way to ensure its ability to lower your heart rate and blood pressure and to improve joint health and mental function.  Dr. Justin Davis asks “Did you know that the human heart beats around 100,000 times per day?”!  But when you live a less active lifestyle, your heart is not operating at its best and sedentary function settles the organs and blood cells, diminishing the flushing out of cholesterol and other fatty tissues that can build up and cause all sorts of destructive issues. This 97223 chiropractor often chats with patient about moving more.

Furthermore, it takes the human body 12 hours to completely digest a meal.  When you keep your body moving it aides in digestion so that waste is not left behind to build up and cause additional prolonged digestive and function issues.

Additional benefits of physical activity approved by chiropractors are:

  • Improved joint health
  • Lower resting heart rate
  • Improved immune function
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved mental function
  • Increased muscular strength and endurance
  • Better control of body fat
  • Higher quality of sleep

When you don’t keep your body moving:

***Not chiropractor recommended

  • Loss of bone density
  • Stiffening of joints
  • Weakening of muscles
  • Weakening of the heart and lungs
  • Degeneration of the cellular energy systems

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that physical inactivity constitutes the fourth leading cause of death globally, causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths globally.  So stop killing yourself!  Get up, get moving, take a walk through a local park, walk the dog, go for hike, swim in the river, ride a bicycle, or do 20 minutes of chiropractor recommended yoga in the comfort of your home.

Learn more about how Poor Posture can cause neck and back pain HERE!

Dr. Justin Davis encourages all patients of all ages and body types to keep your body moving!  Lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and improve joint health and mental function with increasing your average steps per day, moving your muscles in your arms and stretching the body more often throughout the day.


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Chiropractic Headache Help

tension headaches

The looming question:  what exactly are tension headaches and how can a visit to our Chiropractic office help? When peoplethink of a tension headache complaints, they usually associated exclusively with muscle tension which is true but is not the entire answer for the underlying causes. While this can be the case, it is often much more complicated than that.  Our doctor talks about and shows the relationship between the neck muscles and the neck joints regarding how to help a tension headache.  More specifically, what you can do to help

Here’s how most think about treating the underlying causes for tension headaches:

  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Pills from the Cabinet
  • Medical Doctor

What Chiropractic Can Do

We get a good amount of patients coming into our clinic that complain of headaches. Specifically tension headaches, usually getting the Chiropractors advice occurs after they’ve exhausted the others listed above.  The common definition of tension headaches is where as the day progresses there’s a feeling of tightness and tension the upper part of the neck and it gradually turns into pain that starts on both sides of the head.  This gradually goes up and over to encompass the entire head region resulting in a headache and you looking up treatments online to get help.  Here’s a useful video by a Chiropractor explaining some of the underlying causes and how we are useful in helping:

Click HERE for more information on basic Headache Treatments.

This problem usually occurs from sitting all day in a generally poor posture looking at a computer all day.  Or at a phone, which medical providers have started referring refer to as “text neck.”  As these complaints continue we at first try to ignore them, then treat with whatever someone we know recommends, but in the end many times a call to the Chiropractors office is what gets the true underlying cause to go away. It’s because when those tight muscles pull on the joints enough then the joints will go out, meaning you can stretch all day but that won’t put those joints back into place.

What you can do?

Please call our clinic today!  We are located in just off the freeway in Tigard Oregon, making it convenient to get to us from Beaverton, Portland, Tigard, or Lake Oswego.  Here we are going to help treat your complaints to improve your day-to-day function.  Another key part is Rehabilitation, where we continue to show you what you can do on your own at home to keep these problems from returning.   Check out our Sports Chiropractic approach to Neck Pain HERE.

Let us show you the power of the Chiropractors hand for help with your Tension Headaches!  We are at 9370 SW Greenburg Road, Tigard Oregon, 97223.  Give us a call today, or you can click here to Request an Appointment where all you need is to put in your email and we’ll contact you.  We also conveniently contact you via text message if that is easier; whatever we can do to make it easier to get you the help you need!


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Deny the Fried Foods

Put the Fried Foods Down!

We’ve come a long way in our society regarding consumption of fried foods since the original Supersize Me documentary came out.  We have certainly improved to where we are making much more healthy choices, especially when it comes to eating out.  However, it can be difficult when you’re looking for a quick meal to keep away from fried foods, specifically fried potatoes.  In an article recently posted at Medical News Today, there is new evidence that eating fried potatoes weekly can almost double your risk of an early death.  The article can be somewhat confusing where it appears at first glance that you increase this risk by eating fries 2-3 times per week.  This is not the case, it is 2-3 portions taken in weekly.  This could even be your “cheat meal” once a week where you gobble down a double set of fries.

Fried potatoes in your house:

What we’re referring to doesn’t just mean going out to a restaurant for fried foods, but also in your pantry.  Remember, fried potatoes also include potato chips along with fries.  The potato as an unrefined vegetable can be perfectly healthy included in a regular diet, however it’s when we slather it up with ranch or treated as fried foods before consumption that really turns a vegetable into something more harmful to your health.  Here’s a common list of fried foods and fried potatoes that end up consumed without even realizing it:

  • French Fries
  • Potato Chips
  • Hash browns
  • Potato Wedges
  • Fried potato cakes

So what now?

Here’s your Goal: start small and replace one meal a week with an alternative to fried carbohydrates.  For example:  a small salad.  Continue onward to where you are replacing more frequently the deep fried or carbohydrate rich food with a clean vegetable base.  Below is a video with some helpful hints to get started.  Remember, you’re not looking to make a complete 180 degree change, but a gradual slow improvement.  This can even mean replacing that bag of potato chips you have for lunch with a tortilla salad (salad with sprinkled tortilla chips.  Sure it’s not perfect, but it’s about 90% better than those French fries you were eyeing.

Foods that make snacking or meals easier to get crispy vegetables:

Here’s a quick list of some eat to make (or buy) snacks that will replace your desire for some crunchy fried foods.  These can be good when you have the urge to grab a bag of potato chips, or sit down to a big plate of French fries.  Remember, it’s all about the 90/10 rule; occasionally you will fail just make sure it’s not an epic fail!

  • Carrot sticks
  • Celery sticks
    • Ants on a log with sesame seed butter and raisins
  • Brussel sprouts baked with coconut oil
  • Grilled broccoli
  • Grilled cauliflower
  • Kale chips
  • Edamame
  • Over-baked crispy asparagus


If you ever want more information regarding helpful diet hints, please schedule an appointment by calling our friendly staff at 503-206-4620.  Our Tigard clinic is open all weekdays except Thursday, and are open late into the evening.  We have more helpful health information and tips at our Facebook page.  Our blog also has many good articles we’ve written regarding many health topics, which you can access by clicking here.

Regardless:  hang in there!  Easing away from fried foods and changing your diet is a set of gradually steps.  And even though you may fall down here and there and indulge in a plate of fries, you’re still going to make progress as long as you keep your goals in front of you.  Even the failures still result in a 3 steps forward, 1 step back.  And that’s how you reach the finish line of health!

Curious about available ways to pay for Chiropractic or Massage?  CLICK HERE!


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Chiropractic vs Standard Treatment Comparison  

Conventional treatments for neck pain verses alternative care, which is most helpful?  There have been many studies.  Here we review the Chiropractic vs Standard treatments to reveal which is most helpful on average.

Chiropractor and Alternative Medicine vs. Standard Medical

Chiropractic vs Standard

Neck pain is a symptom of a wide variety of causes.  Sometimes it can be a basic mechanical problem (joints and muscles), while other times it can be due to the process of a very serious disease or problem. Whenever there is a problem like this, always be sure to get examined by a professional health care provider first for your neck pain; both a chiropractor and medical doctor have these credentials and will take an accurate and thorough examination.

Neck pain is most commonly caused from a prolonged strained position, a quick unguarded movement which sprains or strains the area, or just a gradual worsening from tight joints and muscles.  Standard medical care is usually along the lines of:  prescription medications, rest, heat/ice, then if it doesn’t go away get an xray or MRI.  This approach is completely symptom-based.  The treatment for neck pain by a chiropractor looks much deeper at what caused the problem initially, rather than just looking at the symptoms.

Sports Medicine Chiropractor

Here’s how a sports med chiropractor looks at neck pain… Let’s find the cause of what started the symptoms in the first place,  then we can not only treat the symptoms, but also what caused the symptoms in the first place, thereby lowering the risk of it coming back later.

This is the difference with alternative medicine; it generally looks at other contributing areas instead of focusing solely on where the symptoms are.  There’s a lot of opinions about alternative medicine, but taking a whole body approach – or at least a surrounding areas approach – will give a much better understanding to what may have caused the pain in the first place.  Just don’t take wikipedia’s advice on it – there is still quite a large amount of bias.  I also find it humorous that there are so many places that bash on chiropractors, but osteopaths get a pass.  Even though most of our education is the same and we perform pretty much the same treatment 🙂

For improved relief supplements, try Pain-RX Dietary Supplement.  Provides 12 nutrients and herbs commonly used for natural pain relief, and offers MSM, which helps relieve joint pain.

Yours in Health,






Dr. Davis 


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Neck Pain

Chiropractic Philosophy on Movement

The second most common condition people associate with Chiropractors is neck pain.  As discussed in an earlier post, it is a very common condition for people worldwide, and Chiropractic is very effective for neck pain.  But why does it do such a good job?  The answer lies in the correct movement of the joints in the spine/neck.  Sometimes an analogy works best to explain it:  if your bike chain gets a kink in it then it will no longer glide correctly.  There’s also the door hinge example:  if one of the hinges on a door locks up and doesn’t work then the other two door hinges will start moving differently and eventually lead to a breakdown of the door frame or door.  This is the simplest example chiropractors use for neck pain and other pain in the body where there is a joint problem contributing to the complaints.

What it all boils down to is this:  when a component of a structure isn’t moving correctly (piece of a bike chain or a door hinge), then the whole structure is at risk of altered movement and ultimately failure.  The failure can be devastating neck pain you need to go see a chiropractor for, or just nagging neck stiffness.  Regardless, what we find again and again is that when there is proper movement of all the many pieces of bike chain (the joints of the neck) then everything feels a lot better.

This is obviously a difficult subject to convey over a blog.  I encourage anyone with more questions to visit our Tigard Chiropractor clinic.  I typically use lots of models, use anatomy charts, and draw out on a dry erase board to make things more understandable.  And there is always time for questions.  If you’d like more information about chiropractic philosophy on proper movement to help with neck pain, please set up an appointment at Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, located in Tigard, OR next to the Washington Square Mall.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Justin Davis 

Ready to find out more?

Click this link to read more on our treatment for neck pain.


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