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November 26, 2017

Chiropractic vs Standard Treatment Comparison  

Conventional treatments for neck pain verses alternative care, which is most helpful?  There have been many studies.  Here we review the Chiropractic vs Standard treatments to reveal which is most helpful on average.

Chiropractor and Alternative Medicine vs. Standard Medical

Chiropractic vs Standard

Neck pain is a symptom of a wide variety of causes.  Sometimes it can be a basic mechanical problem (joints and muscles), while other times it can be due to the process of a very serious disease or problem. Whenever there is a problem like this, always be sure to get examined by a professional health care provider first for your neck pain; both a chiropractor and medical doctor have these credentials and will take an accurate and thorough examination.

Neck pain is most commonly caused from a prolonged strained position, a quick unguarded movement which sprains or strains the area, or just a gradual worsening from tight joints and muscles.  Standard medical care is usually along the lines of:  prescription medications, rest, heat/ice, then if it doesn’t go away get an xray or MRI.  This approach is completely symptom-based.  The treatment for neck pain by a chiropractor looks much deeper at what caused the problem initially, rather than just looking at the symptoms.

Sports Medicine Chiropractor

Here’s how a sports med chiropractor looks at neck pain… Let’s find the cause of what started the symptoms in the first place,  then we can not only treat the symptoms, but also what caused the symptoms in the first place, thereby lowering the risk of it coming back later.

This is the difference with alternative medicine; it generally looks at other contributing areas instead of focusing solely on where the symptoms are.  There’s a lot of opinions about alternative medicine, but taking a whole body approach – or at least a surrounding areas approach – will give a much better understanding to what may have caused the pain in the first place.  Just don’t take wikipedia’s advice on it – there is still quite a large amount of bias.  I also find it humorous that there are so many places that bash on chiropractors, but osteopaths get a pass.  Even though most of our education is the same and we perform pretty much the same treatment 🙂

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