Chiropractic overview for treatment of headache complaints

September 24, 2017

Headache TreatmentOUCH!  My Head Hurts!

Big and nasty headaches are such a common occurrence now in our every day lives that it has almost become second nature that it’s not that big of a deal.  Well it is.  Headaches are the final sign that something wrong is going on with the body, whether its from posture or something deeper.  Head pain is even more common now that most of our work days involve a such a large amount of sitting.  There is such an increased risk of this type of complaint that arises from this type of prolonged posture.

Dr. Justin Davis sees many patients at his Tigard Oregon chiropractor clinic who come in looking for treatment of headaches.  It’s amazing how we as a society have completely lost our good posture that we develop as children.  Not only sitting at work, but coming home and relaxing in the couch, standing in a slumped position, even lifting using bad posture.  A chiropractors office is always going to be full of patients with headache pain as long as we continue to have such bad posture from the direct result of sitting too much.

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Causes of Headaches

Sitting causes our head, neck, and shoulders to get used to being in a slumped over position, which then causes strain all the way down the back.  As we stay in this posture for a all day causes increased strain on the neck and shoulder regions, which then translate to the head region from tension.  Our chiropractor is able to help the population of Tigard Oregon with treatment for several parts of these complaints, from moving the joints to easing the muscles, dealing with the cause of a headache is never as easy as just taking a pill.

So not only does Dr. Justin Davis have to put the joints in the correct position with the Chiropractor adjustment, which is enough treatment  in itself, he and his team also has to deal with the muscles.  Calming down the tight muscles from bad posture can be tricky because once the body gets used to something it tends to enjoy keeping it the way things are.  The classic “I Don’t Like Change” mentality is exactly how the body feels when it comes to treatment for calming down tight muscles its become accustomed to keeping tight.  This is even true if you are experiencing pain such as neck pain or a headache; the body doesn’t care how you feel it just likes to feel safe and secure.


You can picture the body all cuddled up in a blanket with everything in the outside world, including head pain and tight muscles, completely out of sight and mind.  Tight muscles get used to these positions and then we develop misfiring of muscles during day to day activities.  The muscles that should be firing are no longer doing so because the wrong ones are so used to being turned on all the time.  This ends up meaning that the wrong muscles now perform much of the work during our twisting, bending, or lifting instead of the correct muscles.  In the words of an Austin Power’s character, it’s a vicious cycle.

Head Pain Treatment

Treatment for Headaches

As part of our treatment we use at Elevation Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Tigard Oregon, Dr. Justin Davis also deals with teaching the correct muscles to begin firing again.  A headache is the direct cause of the tight muscles pulling on neck joints in the spine, which then leads to pain.  Unless you do something to deal with why the muscles and neck joints are tight then you’ll be visiting our chiropractors office every week!  Once everything is calmed down, where neck joints are moving and tight muscles in the neck and shoulders are less loose, then we teach exercises to get the correct muscles to begin firing again.


If you can do these exercises, which are specific to the type of person who walks into our Tigard Oregon clinic, then the risk of head pain recurring is lowered.  The type of self treatment depends on the person; some merely want something they can easily do at their desk at work while others want a strengthening program they can do at home a few times a week.  It all depends on you!

So if you’re a resident of Tigard Oregon and you’re looking for relief for headache and sitting induced neck or shoulder muscles tightness, please call our clinic today.  We are happy to get you in as soon as possible, even if it means a free 15 minute consultation to discuss with our Chiropractor Dr. Justin Davis your headache complaints.

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