How Massage Helps After an Auto Injury

August 10, 2018

Massage Helps Greatly After an Auto Injury

The main problem with auto injury is that the whiplash directly damages the ligaments of the spine which significantly affects the stability of the body’s structures.  This is exactly what our team of massage therapists target to help get you better quickly and efficiently.

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Signs You May Need to Visit Us

Here are some signs you should look for after a car accident that may indicate you have a bigger auto injury claim on your hands than you realized.


You are concussed when you have had a blow to the head that may have taken you temporarily out of consciousness.  Most auto injuries happen as a result to a violent shock to the body.  Unfortunately the body is so resilient in the moment of shock that we do not typically feel the effects of the injury until days or even weeks later.

If your head was hit during an auto accident, it is very likely that you may have a concussion and not even know it.  If you have, and experience headaches since the accident, massage therapy can help reduce them.


A jerk of the head during an auto accident can easily cause instant whiplash to the neck and spine.  This is an over extension of the spinal cord that can disrupt nerve endings, pinch nerves, and dislodge hanging ribs.  All of these possible and very likely events can lead to ongoing headaches, stiffness, and sore muscles.  It is important not to overlook these very important signs.  Massage therapy can help those soft tissue regions to relax and allow for proper healing.

Knee Pain

All too often an auto injury will consist of complains of knee pain.  This is due to the fact that your body had been thrust forward, forcing your knees into the dash.  It is very common for knee injury to go unnoticed as most effected parties are hyper focused on making certain everyone involved is okay,  and trying to get everyone out of harms way.  You may notice your knees are sore, achy and walking or bending hurts.  Massage can help this region greatly!

Other than the obvious spinal injuries than can come with any car accident, these three topics are the ones that most individuals tend to brush off.  These three can also cause the most ongoing pain and complains when not addressed with a medical professional right away. Even if you think you feel fine after an auto injury, it is important to be assessed and receive massage to the entire body for a few weeks at minimum to ensure your body is healing properly.



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