Massage Rehabilitation After a Slip n Fall

April 18, 2018


According to the Mayo Clinic, more than one-fourth of all spinal injuries occur as the result of a slip n fall. Many of these injuries can be serious and long-lasting, especially if not treated properly.  An interesting fact about slip and fall injuries, many people often experience headaches and head pain. Even though they never hit their head.

A slip and fall incident is jarring to the body, much like a car accident.  The body jerks and twists in abrupt movements that it was not prepared for.  Many times this results in headaches, stiffness, and nerve pain.  Simple movements after a slip and fall incident will cause discomfort and limited your range of motion.  The best method of action is a few weekly sessions of massage rehabilitation and chiropractic adjustments for the first month preceding an injury.

What did our doctor’s have to say?

Our Chiropractors are skilled in providing a wide array of treatment options.  Treatment may include: flexion therapy, massage therapy, and others developed for the treatment of chronic and acute soft tissue injuries.  Our clinic provides comprehensive slip n fall therapy, relying on state of the art therapeutic techniques based on the most recent of scientific data and studies.

Recent snow, icy roads, and freezing rain throughout the Portland Oregon Metro area has caused an overwhelming report of slip and fall incidents.  Hospitals and urgent care facilities are being over loaded with emergency cases.  Unfortunately, hospitals can only provide splints and medication to injured patients.

How to treat:

Treatment for soft tissue and muscle strains begins with the body through the use of consistent chiropractic adjustments and massage rehabilitation is essential.  These therapies help to release pinching nerves with resulting pings of pain, improve flexibility and range of motion, and inevitably stop the pain all together.  An in-office assessment can quickly tell us what your treatment plan needs to be.  Furthermore, how often you should be seen, and which at-home exercises we can safely recommend that you can do in your own time to further improve your healing.

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Massage Rehabilitation treatment can easily be referred by our Chiropractors, and sometimes even completely covered by your health insurance.  Either way, we have your best interests at heart.  You are in good care at Elevation Chiropractic with any injury or flareup, even slip n fall instances.   Don’t delay a small pain or discomfort as it can always turn into a much more serious issue down the road that can last for years if you discard it as nothing now.

Our licensed massage therapist are specifically trained to treat soft tissue injuries in a rehabilitative sense.  They work with some insurance groups under the direction of Dr. Justin Davis and through his referral to bring your mobility back and reduce your pain levels.


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