Difference in Chiropractic & Massage

October 5, 2018

Chiropractic & Massage Therapy 

What’s the Dif?

Do I simply search “massage near me” to find the best therapist?

While doctors and massage therapists use their hands to treat patients, there is a radical difference among the two. Most chiropractors will enthusiastically endorse massage therapy for certain patients. Massage therapy is a very important modality used to aide healing.  It does not have the equivalent wide-ranging room of training that chiropractic does, however.

Chiropractors are principal healthcare specialists, helping to treat a number of situations. A key goal is to release subluxations in the spinal column. This is to make sure your frame and the nervous system are functioning at their best. Massage therapists, however, are knowledgeable in treating muscular conditions only.  A massage therapist’s mission is to help relieve muscle aching, stiffness and tautness through hands-on actions.

Education and Training

One of the biggest variances between massage therapy when you search “massage near me” and chiropractic care is the volume of education that these persons must complete.  A four-year undergraduate degree, as well as a four-year doctorate of chiropractic program, are both required for a Chiropractor to be licensed. During their programs, these individuals must obtain wide-ranging training, complete a residency program, pass several rounds of boards and certification exams and take classes in physics, biology, anatomy and physiology and chemistry.

Massage therapists however usually complete about 500 hours of training.  A therapist would be required to update his/her training annually through continuing education courses as well.  They must obtain licensure and, like other professionals, maintain a reasonably notable reputation between peers and local community.

 Which is right for you?

Elevation Chiropractic takes charge of healing from all angles, not just at the spinal region.  Our Chiropractors have the authority to determine if adding massage to your treatment plan is the right decision to progress your healing.  Massage can be used to improve range of motion, while your chiropractor challenges a muscle strengthening technique with each one-on-one visit.  Searching “massage near me” may lead you to random massage therapists who may not be educated on a daily basis through the direct instruction of a doctor.

At Elevation Chiropractic our doctors develop a tailored treatment plan for each individual patient. Within any particular plan could provide for massage therapy.  Every visit you are provided with the healing benefits of massage within our office, our therapists are guided with specific instruction provided to them by your chiropractor.  Treatment is tailored from beginning to end, and your care is taken into consideration every step of the way.


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