Tension Headache Help

December 7, 2017

Chiropractic Headache Help

tension headaches

The looming question:  what exactly are tension headaches and how can a visit to our Chiropractic office help? When peoplethink of a tension headache complaints, they usually associated exclusively with muscle tension which is true but is not the entire answer for the underlying causes. While this can be the case, it is often much more complicated than that.  Our doctor talks about and shows the relationship between the neck muscles and the neck joints regarding how to help a tension headache.  More specifically, what you can do to help

Here’s how most think about treating the underlying causes for tension headaches:

  • Massage
  • Stretching
  • Pills from the Cabinet
  • Medical Doctor

What Chiropractic Can Do

We get a good amount of patients coming into our clinic that complain of headaches. Specifically tension headaches, usually getting the Chiropractors advice occurs after they’ve exhausted the others listed above.  The common definition of tension headaches is where as the day progresses there’s a feeling of tightness and tension the upper part of the neck and it gradually turns into pain that starts on both sides of the head.  This gradually goes up and over to encompass the entire head region resulting in a headache and you looking up treatments online to get help.  Here’s a useful video by a Chiropractor explaining some of the underlying causes and how we are useful in helping:

Click HERE for more information on basic Headache Treatments.

This problem usually occurs from sitting all day in a generally poor posture looking at a computer all day.  Or at a phone, which medical providers have started referring refer to as “text neck.”  As these complaints continue we at first try to ignore them, then treat with whatever someone we know recommends, but in the end many times a call to the Chiropractors office is what gets the true underlying cause to go away. It’s because when those tight muscles pull on the joints enough then the joints will go out, meaning you can stretch all day but that won’t put those joints back into place.

What you can do?

Please call our clinic today!  We are located in just off the freeway in Tigard Oregon, making it convenient to get to us from Beaverton, Portland, Tigard, or Lake Oswego.  Here we are going to help treat your complaints to improve your day-to-day function.  Another key part is Rehabilitation, where we continue to show you what you can do on your own at home to keep these problems from returning.   Check out our Sports Chiropractic approach to Neck Pain HERE.

Let us show you the power of the Chiropractors hand for help with your Tension Headaches!  We are at 9370 SW Greenburg Road, Tigard Oregon, 97223.  Give us a call today, or you can click here to Request an Appointment where all you need is to put in your email and we’ll contact you.  We also conveniently contact you via text message if that is easier; whatever we can do to make it easier to get you the help you need!


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