Why to go down the alternative care route

January 26, 2016

Why should I choose a Chiropractor in Tigard?

First off I think the actual topic of why to choose a chiropractor is important, let alone on why to choose a chiropractor in Tigard or in the Beaverton area.  The treatment which we provide is a conservative style of medicine.  The chiropractor’s approach which is very safe and doesn’t deal with slicing the body open or dealing with addictive medications has never been more necessary.  This pain management path is one that is really gaining momentum not only in the U.S., but also in the world. Chiropractors in Tigard and in the rest of Oregon are designated as primary care providers, which means we can see you without a referral as well as diagnose you for a disease/injury and manage your care and referrals.

The CDC (which stands for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has recently given the classification of “epidemic” in regards to how bad the prescription drug abuse problem is in the U.S..  We consume 80% of the world’s pain medication in the US, despite being such a small percentage of the world population!  To say that the need for conservative pain care is needed, one which doesn’t deal with drug medications, is an understatement.  The only thing we need to look at it is:  how to make sure you are going to a quality chiropractor.

The nice thing about our area is that there is a decent amount of chiropractic clinics, which means that for chiropractors in Tigard there is competition! When it’s just a one-horse-town where there is a single or low amount of doctors then sometimes the patient care may suffer.  It can also mean a very different thing for the amount that is charged.  If there were only one chiropractor in Tigard then it is very possible that the price for treatment could be very inflated.  I am always surprised at how much prices are for chiropractors when the town has a very small number of them.

We always want what is best for our patients, which is often going up and beyond with treatment without charging an extra arm and a leg.  We have developed our reputation as treating our patients like family members.  If you’re looking for a chiropractor in Tigard, please give us a call at 503-206-4620 and let us add you to our family!  -Dr. J


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