Dealing with Hip Pain

March 22, 2016

Hi all, Dr. J here, Tigard Chiropractor.  So many people complain of what they consider “hip pain.”  Hip pain can mean many different things to different people; it could be anywhere between lower low back pain, pelvic and tailbone pain, or lower leg pain.  Of course it could also be actually stemming from the true hip joint – or acetabulofemoral joint.  An examination which involves chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological testing will help us pinpoint where the actual hip pain is coming from.  The next question is how to treat.

At our Tigard Chiropractor clinic we utilize ways to teach you not only where the hip pain is originating from, but how to treat it.  We start with our usual 3 Step treatment theory to help get the symptoms down.  As the hip pain complaints continue to progress and get better then we start to see what types of home care treatments you can handle.  Along with giving home care recommendations and treatments, we’ll evaluate what kind of changes you can make to your daily movements and ergonomics.  Whether you choose our clinic, or another Chiropractor in Tigard, you need to ensure they are helping your hip pain by teaching you how to do things differently.  Most of the time hip pain doesn’t come about from a single incident, but by many little incidents:  think of death by a thousands paper cuts type of mentality.  If we can change how you are doing things in the first place then as time goes on the pain will not return.

If you would like more information from my Chiropractor Tigard Clinic please reach out.  So many times people have tried one type of treatment from a chiropractor that did not get good results for their hip pain, and they don’t realize that sometimes you need another tool from the toolbox.  We still offer free 15 minute consultations if you’d like to come in and ask me some questions about the type of treatment I perform.  -Dr. J


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