Working your Core

April 28, 2016

Working as a Chiropractor in Tigard I have found that many patients that walk into my clinic tend to know they need to “do more core workouts.”  During treatment we tend to find in many patients that there is either a core weakness or an imbalance of the core muscles.  Many time one side of the “core” area is unstable.  And of course when I say core muscles, I’m not just referring to the abdominal muscles, but to all the parts that make up the core.  So when someone comes in and confesses to me, “Yeah I know I should be doing more core workouts to help with my low back pain,” it usually means they’re just talking about situps, crunches, or planks.  In dealing as a Chiropractor Tigard community this means some education is needed on how to properly maintain the “core.

Don’t get me wrong, these abdominal exercises will certainly help with low back pain, but these aren’t the core.  These exercises work the abdominals, but also the other areas such as diaphragm and the pelvic floor muscles that are worked during abdominal exercises as well.  This is the key; you aren’t just working the ab muscles, but the entire torso area, which is so important to not only low back pain but overall stability and longevity in life.

Although exercises are great to help with low back pain, the problem therein lies that they are just that…exercises.  Most people are too busy to perform exercises regularly.  As a Chiropractor Tigard I make sure that patients learn how to use their core (again, not just abs) in everyday activities.  You just need to learn how to properly engage your core and supporting stabilizers in daily activity.  If you’re in Tigard and looking for a Chiropractor to help you learn these type of maneuvers, visit our clinic at 9370 SW Greenburg Rd #605, Tigard OR 97223.  -Dr. J


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